Hunter, the Playmate-Banging Commando

September 16, 2009

Howard got Ralph’s friend Hunter, a successful guy known for banging Playmates and celebrities, on the line and noted that he gave up his glamorous lifestyle to become a military man at the age of 36. Hunter said he’d become wealthy thanks to Hef’s help (“I made a licensing deal with Playboy and did really well.”) but always felt the desire to fight for his country – especially terrorists.

Hunter said he’d performed really well while in the Middle East – earning both a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star – but had to be medivac’d back to the US in October: “We were in a big fight and some RPGs came my way…two, back-to-back.” He’s since had 7 surgeries, as he caught shrapnel, blew out his shoulder and fractured his arm – but, contrary to some rumors making the rounds, his penis was “good to go.”

Hunter added that he was glad he was able to take out a couple enemies before being pulled from combat: “There were guys I was pretty close to that I got.”