David Arquette is Running ‘Cougar Town’

September 23, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

David Arquette called in to promote his wife’s new show, “Cougar Town,” and Howard immediately asked about the couple’s wild Sunday parties. David confirmed the reports with an impression of Steve Grillo: “There’s dob-shelv liggah” [that’s, top shelf liquor].

Howard wondered why Courtney didn’t come in herself to promote the show, so David explained: “I believe if you’re a nice person, she might be coming in soon…no cock jokes.” Howard laughed: “No cock jokes? You kidding me?”

Steve Brandano Hates Cougars

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Steve Brandano came in beg David to change the show’s name: “‘Cougar’ is the worst thing because it gives ugly old divorced women from Long Island an excuse to come to bars I’m going to…now 20-year-old girls can’t get into the bar because some 40-year-old woman is a ‘cougar’…Just call the show ‘Courtney Is Hot,’ because none of these women look like Courtney.”

David and the crew didn’t understand why Steve was upset with women that would never give him the time of day, but Steve promised: “You’ll see it too. You’ll all come around soon.”

Paul McCartney Broke Up with Rosanna Arquette

Photo: Getty Images

Howard asked David what he knew about his sister Rosanna’s brief relationship with Paul McCartney, but David was evasive: “I knew some things. My sister’s the greatest. She’s a muse for musicians.” David said he did meet Paul while the pair were dating but blamed “their personal dynamic” for the break-up: “I think he wanted somebody a little closer to him.”