Robin is Unimpressed with Scott’s Diet

September 24, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Early in the show, Scott the Engineer came in to complain that Robin had dismissed the high-protein/low-carb diet that has helped him lose 55 lbs. Robin explained that she was just bigger proponent of her detox diet’s results, citing Tim Sabean as an example: “Tim has rosy cheeks. Beautiful skin. A tight jawline.” Robin added: “If you’re happy with [your diet], go for it. I’m just saying you could have more in life.”

Howard noted that “fat-burning beads” (Robin recently confessed to wearing them behind her ears) had been banned in the UK: “They’re calling it snake oil in the United Kingdom.” Artie asked: “Just because they think it’s a con?” Howard said yes. Robin was indignant: “If anyone in this room thinks I’m the craziest one here, you’re all crazy…I’m just claiming my rightful place.”

However, she did remove the beads, claiming she had only tried them because she was only trying them as part of some research she was doing on various diet methods.

Robin’s Mystery Man

Howard said he thought Robin was dating a guy who recently sat in during her news, as she’d tried to plug his business on yesterday’s show: “You are his muse or something is going on.”

Robin asked, “I haven’t promoted other people here?” Howard stayed on course: “Yes, but you’re smitten with this one I think.” Howard later added he was loving Robin’s recent behavior: “Today there are magic beads behind your ears. You think I don’t like that?”