Jim Breuer on the Birth of Goatboy

Jim Breuer stopped by to promote his upcoming comedy gigs, and Howard asked him if he could ever – like his friend Jim Florentine did – date Robin. Jim said there was no way, as his father was a giant racist. Howard also wondered if Jim's pot use ever escalated into harder drugs, but Jim denied it, saying he even gave up weed recently. Jim explained how he started smoking it "for the giggles" but quit when it turned into something ugly.

Howard asked how Jim's negotiations Sirius/XM went bad, so Jim explained that he wanted a different schedule - the show now airs once a week, on Fridays, for a couple hours. Jim said he no longer does the show with his former co-host, Pete Correale, and instead brings on his father, who's 84 and frequently shits his pants: "It's funny and it's not funny...once it comes on, you've got about eight seconds to find the toilet."

The Birth of Goatboy

Jim told the crew how he used to get stoned and go to the zoo and cry at the gorilla cage and laugh at the goats: "So when I went to SNL, I pitched a character where a guy has Tourette's but it comes out like a goat, and the more he drinks, the more the goat comes out...so the original ["Goatboy"] sketch was a guy who goes to a party and has a drink and says, 'So I'm from Long Isla-eheheheheheh!'"

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