Bill Keller is a Birther

October 8, 2009
Photo: PRN /

Howard got televangelist Bill Keller on the line to discuss his “birther” theories and explained to him that President Obama’s birth certificate has been proven to be legitimate.

Bill claimed there were too few details on Obama’s “short form” birth certificate to satisfy him and expressed a desire to see the “long form”/private birth certificate: “It’s a document he can get in five minutes if he wants to.”

Jason came in to ask why legitimate Republican leaders weren’t calling for further proof of Obama’s citizenship, so Bill Keller cited a few “pro-family” groups in California who were. Howard laughed: “I hear ‘pro-family’ and I think kooks. Anybody that’s involved with a ‘family values’ organization is a kook.”

Howard then asked where Bill Keller stood on Israel, and Bill said he was “pro-Israel, like every Christian should be.”