Who Wants a Piece of Medicated Pete?

October 21, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard got Tori, a “smoking hot” blond who emailed an entry to date Medicated Pete, on the line and asked if she was honest in her letter in her letter to the show. Tori said she was totally willing to perform as she’d promised: “Yeah, pretty much. We’d have to see how it goes.” Tori added: “My religion believes in doing good deeds and I wanna do good deeds.” Pete appreciated the sympathy: “That’s uh – that’s good words.”

Howard then got another girl who’d written the show, Lyla – a “little person” – on the line and asked her why she as interested in Pete. Lyla laughed that her 3’11” frame had limited her options: “God knows, guys aren’t beating down my door.” Howard joking referenced famed ventriloquist Edgar Bergen’s dummy: “Well I’m looking at you here and you have the face of Jenny McCarthy and the body of Charlie McCarthy.”