Howard’s Absence Pays Off for the Heins

November 4, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard complained that he’d been invited to yet another of Jon Hein’s daughters’ Bat Mitzvahs and he didn’t want to go. Additionally, Howard struggled with how much money he should send in his stead, asking Jon: “Would you like a $1,000? Would that make you happy?”

Jon did not like the way Howard misrepresented the invitations’ intent: “You said I only invited you for the gift. Which is not true.”

Howard still wanted an answer: “Were you not pleased with the last check? You can be honest…you’re not answering so I’m feeling like $500 is too low.”

Jon said whatever Howard sent would be fine. Gary later came in to ask if Howard could name which town Jon lived in, but Howard couldn’t even guess what letter the town’s name started with.

Sal came in to say he would be attending the Bat Mitzvah, and planned to stick his dick in the challah bread: “It’s a ceremony isn’t it?” Jon said there was no chance of Sal acting up or getting away with any party stunts: “We have people on alert. Watching him.”