Ronnie and JD Make Nice … Kind Of

November 11, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Ronnie came in to tell the crew that he really appreciated the condolence card JD sent him after his mother passed away. Ronnie noted that it was difficult to read, but the sentiment won him over: “He sent me a nice card.”

JD followed him in to repeat what he’d written: “I’m sorry to hear what happened. I love you.” Howard asked if things had improved so much that JD was willing to reinstate Ronnie’s car show, but JD was unsure: “Maybe not a straight car show.”

Howard was upset with JD’s reversal: “He’s got no backbone. He could never be management.” Ronnie, on the other hand, was grateful: “Thanks, JD.”

JD clarified that he was only giving Ronnie one probationary show – his final decision will be made after giving it a listen. Howard was happy to hear it.