Jillian Barberie is the Biggest Celebrity Superfan

November 12, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jillian Barberie called in to promote her appearance on ‘Super Dave’s Spiketacular’ and stated that she was upset that she wasn’t asked to take part in the most recent Celebrity Superfan Roundtable show: “I was really bummed out that I couldn’t even call in.”

Howard turned to Gary: “She’s like the biggest celebrity superfan there is.” Gary passed the buck, claiming he’d given the show’s producer a list of the celebrity superfans and he did the rest.

The Extra Mile is Salad Tossing

Jillian quickly moved on, telling Artie she was sorry he had to deal with Eric the Midget–whom she called “that arrogant, angry little man.”

Howard asked if Jillian would’ve dated him during his single days, and Jillian replied quickly: “Of course I would’ve gone out with you. Absolutely.”

Howard regretted the timing of his only opportunity: “Lets say it was a month later that I met Beth. I definitely would’ve banged Jillian!” Howard noted that Jillian was such a huge fan of the show, she definitely would’ve gone the extra mile in bed: “She would’ve been very eager to please me. She might’ve put her tongue up my ass.” Howard speculated that Jillian might’ve even given him anal, and she didn’t deny it.