Roll Call with Lisa G

December 2, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The crew listened to an old tape from Lisa G’s hip-hop radio days in which she – and the rest of the morning show’s cast – performed their ‘Roll Call’ bit. Lisa came in to laugh that she even raps in the bit, leading Howard and the crew to mockingly create a ‘Roll Call’ of their own.

Later, Howard asked if Lisa has had sex since starting her job at Sirius, and Lisa nodded: “I’ve dated. Yes.” Robin laughed that Ronnie the Limo Driver would like to be one of Lisa’s lucky dates, so Ronnie came in to reply: “She’s gotta buy me dinner first, though.” Howard tried to picture the pair having a romantic evening at Ronnie’s home, but Ronnie said he’d never have Lisa over: “Nooo. A nice hotel on Queens Boulevard.”