The Bigfoot Sex Quiz Game

December 15, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

A caller named Bubba (not The Love Sponge) wanted to play a game, so Howard gave him a shot at the Bigfoot Sex Quiz Game. Howard explained that Sal had asked Bigfoot several questions about sex – Bubba then has to choose whether or not Bigfoot was able to answer the question correctly. If he can nail 3 out of 5, he’ll take home a cash prize.

Sal’s question, followed by Bubba’s predictions and Bigfoot’s answers: What are areolas? No. “Is that hair coming off your balls?” What is ‘the pill’? No. “The pill is the not-to-get-pregnant.” What is flatulence? No. “Something to do with your hemorrhoids?” What do women insert in their vagina during their period? Yes. “Tampac!” What is a golden shower? No – taking the prize, as Bigfoot answered: “Real cold and then real hot…switching the water from one thing to another.”