Medicated Pete is in the Headlines

Wack Packer covers a New Jersey paper

December 15, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Lisa G later reported that Medicated Pete was on the cover of a local New Jersey newspaper, so Pete came in to explain: “How bout that, huh? They called me about two weeks ago and said, uh, ‘We wanna do a story about you.'”

Pete said he was honored to be interviewed but revealed little he hadn’t already told Howard: “I say I’m a sloppy eater and everything like that.”

Pete Sprays Beth

Howard said he introduced Medicated Pete to Beth O yesterday, and when they got home she complained about his spittle: “You hit her with a lot of food…she didn’t want to share your lunch with ya.”

Pete panicked: “I do want to apologize to your wife for spraying my lunch all over her.” Robin laughed that she saw Gary rush a big bottle of Purell to Beth after she’d shook hands with Pete, so Pete shrugged: “He’s prepared.”

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Listening to a clip of Pete eating loudly (and messily) during his date with the winner of the Medicated Pete Dating Game, Robin laughed: “Maybe you shouldn’t eat on a first date.” Pete nodded: “It’s probably advisable the next time around.”

Pete’s Trigger

Howard then discovered that if he said “yeah,” Pete’s Tourettes forced him to say “yeah” back: “Try it, Robin! It’s fantastic.” Robin tried – and then Fred – and then everyone at once. Howard just kept laughing and baiting Pete into endless “yeah” exchanges: “I could go on all night!”

The crew all agreed that they didn’t want Pete’s internship to end this week, so Pete promised to find an institution that’ll give him college credit: “We’ll work something out.”