John the Stutterer and His Girlfriend Experience

December 16, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

John the Stutterer stopped by with his escort “girlfriend” Natasha, but Howard thought Natasha was too conservative looking to be an escort: “I was excited that you’re having sex – I really am – but I was disappointed that you’re paying for it.”

Natasha said she provided John with ‘the girlfriend experience’: “There’s companionship. You go out to dinner. You go out to Atlantic City…Instead of calling them clients, I call them friends.” Howard asked if John was Natasha’s most messed-up client, but Natasha said he wasn’t: “As far as communication, I have people that are deaf – people that can’t hear me – people who are blind…a dwarf.” Howard wondered if she had a charitable streak, and she shrugged: “I do have a compassionate side.”

John Evaluates the G.F.E.

John said he like Natasha because she wasn’t a ‘clock-watcher,’ was willing to give ‘BBJs’ (bareback blowjobs) and “I get to lick her beautiful vagina and butthole.” John went on to describe how he likes to finger Natasha and lick his hands clean: “It’s beautiful.”

Robin had a different reaction: “I’m gonna throw up.” A caller wondered if John was afraid of catching diseases, but he claimed spicy foods kept him STD-free: “Hot peppers kill everything!” John added that he only got to see Natasha every once in a while, as he has to wait for his government-issue SSDI check to come in: “Now I don’t use that money for survival because now I liv-v-ve with my parents again.”

Natasha told the crew that she planned to stimulate John with a sex toy later as she jerked him off – and John cut in to say he hadn’t jerked off in a week to prepare: “So I have a massive load for her.”