David Brenner Comes Clean About His Age

David Brenner stopped by to promote his upcoming comedy tour and told the crew he was having a hard time getting booked on "The Tonight Show." Despite the fact that he knows Jay personally - Jay will tell him: "Oh I gotta check with the staff."

Howard laughed that David was also there to admit he'd been lying about his age for years - but everyone knew that anyway: "By the way, Gilbert Gottfried is coming in next week to admit he's Jewish." David said he decided to chop 9 years off his age back when he was touring colleges so the 20-year-old students wouldn't think he was over 30. It proved to be a big mistake: "I should've done 10. Every time I was asked my age, I had to do math."

Howard asked for the current number, and David fessed up: "The next birthday - which is very close to now - you've got me nervous...tomorrow I'm gonna be, um - give me a chance - I'm gonna be, um, 73."

Aging Ain't So Bad Though

Photo: The Howard Stern Show