Ron Howard on 'Angels and Demons'

Ron Howard stopped by to promote "Angels & Demons," the "Da Vinci Code" sequel, and quoted the preceding film's gross at $760 million. Howard tried to put his finger on Ron's take, but Ron evaded his efforts, saying "everything goes into a pot" - citing the proceeds of his Imagine Entertainment partner (and successful Hollywood producer) Brian Grazer's work as an equally large contribution to the "pot."

Howard and Robin wondered why Ron had avoided making a superhero film, so Ron (after admitting to turning down the chance to direct the Batman, Spiderman and Harry Potter films) claimed he couldn't be cynical about the movies or manufacture them: "You have to believe in what you're doing."

Howard then showed the video of Gary's pitch to Ron and asked for his opinion. Ron quickly responded that Gary threw like a girl.

On His Hot Daughter

Howard asked Ron which movie he'd rather see bomb: "Angels & Demons" or "Terminator: Salvation," which stars his daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard. Ron was honest: "Well, I have a profit participation and she doesn't. So when you look at the scheme of things..." Howard also wanted to know if he was comfortable with Bryce doing nude scenes, so Ron laughed he'd had to deal with it ever since her college days, when she appeared nude in an avant garde stage production.