Brooke Hogan Knows Best

Brooke Hogan stopped by to promote the new season of 'Brooke Knows Best,' and Howard was impressed with her outfit: "You forgot to put pants on!" Brooke laughed: "It's no-pants're very attractive. Don't tell Dad."

Howard asked if Brooke only pretended to be single on her TV show, and Brooke admitted she kind of was dating Stacks, her producer: "It's not that I'm into black guys, it's just that I'm into guys who are good looking."

Howard wondered if Brooke no longer a virgin, and Brooke half-confirmed it, using a Spring Break-type phrase: "I'm totally legal and living regal." Brooke added that she actually lost her virginity to a guy who was on a few episodes of the old "Hogan Knows Best" show - and, on the new season of "Brooke knows Best," will kiss a girl: "Her name was Daniela...she had, like, buzzed hair. She was kinda butch."

Howard asked Brooke if she thought "Hogan Knows Best" ruined her parents' marriage, but Brooke thought the problems were already there: "I think it was all just underlying and, like a pressure cooker, made it come out." Brooke then took issue with her mom's 20-year-old boyfriend: "I don't feel like it's the right thing for her." Brooke added: "I can't say that she does [drugs]. Do I have a gut feeling that she has something to come clean about? Yes. But that's just my gut."

Howard wondered why Brooke has denied reports that she has fake boobs, but Brooke claimed she hadn't: "I've never said that - I just never boobs are fake." Brooke said she just didn't like the shape of her natural breasts: "I wanted them more rounded...I like them [now]. They definitely look pretty. But I didn't need them." When Howard pointed out that she had claimed to have real breasts on his show, Brooke explained that she had the surgery in the last year.