As Howard Predicted, Leno Failed

January 11, 2010

A caller asked for Howard’s opinion of the NBC late night debacle now that NBC has announced it would be moving Leno back to after the news, so Howard obliged: “First of all, the guy that’s getting screwed the worst is Conan O’Brien.”

That said, Howard felt Conan was partly at fault: “Conan had one thing going for him. Everyone figured he was the next guy…everyone figured he could take Jay’s entire audience. Problem is, he can’t.”

Howard went on: “I think Conan is humiliated. But what does he expect? The guy doesn’t have a rating…I don’t have a career because I didn’t have ratings.”

Robin thought Conan didn’t get a fair shot, as Leno’s 10pm lead-in diffused any buzz he might’ve had.