Gary Coleman Talks Financial Woes, Getting Naked

January 11, 2010

Howard got Gary Coleman on the line and told him his financial troubles were unfortunate: “I really do feel for you…[you were] the number one network draw.”

Howard referenced the old ‘Dateline NBC’ expose that proved Gary’s parents had stolen millions of dollars from him – and asked if he still spoke with them. Gary snapped: “Oh god no.”

Howard asked if Gary had started having sex with his wife (he has previously acknowledged that they don’t make in love on ‘The Insider’), but Gary’s answer was evasive: “It’s not that. We’re very private people. We just do what we do.”

Howard continued to press him, and eventually Gary said: “I have sex with my wife. I think.”

Howard was confused: “Intercourse?” Gary shrugged: “I think so.”

Gary told the crew he was upset about being shown nude in a new film: “I broke up a fight between two of the midgets and the director rushed the camera up on me.”

Howard was confused: “Why were you naked?” Gary explained: “I had a robe on but my robe parted a little bit…they claim they can see my penis but I wanted it taken out.”

Howard speculated that this was all a PR stunt to promote the film: “Are you perpetrating a hoax here?”

Gary claimed he was being honest: “I want your fans to protest. I want your fans to go to the Website.”

Robin wondered how directing traffic to the film’s Website was an appropriate form of protest, so Gary explained: “Well because my next step is that I’m gonna get an attorney.”

Howard laughed: “Gary, it really doesn’t seem like a good plan.”