Greg Fitzsimmons Says He’s Been Fired From ‘The Ellen Show’

"I stopped going to production meetings," the stand-up comedian says of the circumstances leading to his exit

January 14, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Greg said he’d been fired from a network show before – ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’: “I sort of, uh, brought it on. I stopped going to production meetings. I started saying things about people in front of them – as I passed them in the halls…I wanted out of there.”

Howard wondered if Greg had been discriminated against by the largely-gay crew, and Greg nodded: “I wouldn’t say in the legal sense. I would say in the spiritual sense…I was not given credit because of who I was.”

Greg went on: “I’d score 10 – 15 jokes a show on top of writing the monologue…and [was] treated like a red-headed stepchild.”

The lack of recognition ate at him – and eventually caused his hostile hallway behavior: “I’m a very sensitive guy and when I feel unloved, I lash out.”