An Interview With Lork, the BCS Championship Streaker

King of All Media gets pro streaker on the phone after his impressive Stern-related run on national TV

January 14, 2010

Howard got ‘Lork’ on the phone to discuss the streaking he’d done at the BCS Championship Game (Lork had Howard’s name sewn onto the back of the underwear he wore when he ran on the field), and Lork told him: “We been listening to you since the WOR days, man, me and my homeboys.”

Howard was puzzled by Lork’s behavior: “Streaking seems more like a white-boy thing.”

Lork laughed that his friend had said the same thing: “He was like, ‘Man, n—as don’t streak.’ And I was like, ‘Why not?'”

Asked why he decided to strip down, Lork railed against the NCAA’s bowl game system: “The BCS, man, that’s a sucky system, man…it’s run by a company.”

Lork said he had to hock his possessions for the expensive game tickets: “Somebody had to do it, man…at least I’m doing something for the people, you know what I’m saying?”

Lork also proved to be something of a comic: “How they gonna loot in Haiti? What they gonna steal – cab licenses?”