JD Granted Permission to Fire Anyone on Staff

With great power comes great responsibility

January 25, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard asked for some clips from Friday’s Haiti telethon, but JD didn’t have them ready yet. Howard demanded that JD enlist Scott the Engineer to help him on clip-heavy days – and even gave JD the power to fire Scott if he didn’t do what he needed.

Howard even gave him more authority, adding Richard and Sal to the list: “And if they don’t help you, fire them too. But you’re not their boss. You’re Scott’s boss.”

Howard encouraged JD to fire at will: “Go ahead, man. Enjoy your responsibility. This is a promotion.”

JD asked if the promotion came with a raise, but Howard said no: “It’s just a title.”

But a very powerful title – with influence at the highest levels: “And if Gary can’t help you, fire him. Come to me and I’ll fire him.”