Robert Schimmel Reveals Wife Is Sexting Neighbor

Comedian goes into detail on the circumstances surrounding his impending divorce

January 28, 2010

Asked if the divorce will leave him broke, Robert Schimmel confessed: “Officially bankrupt? Well, let’s see. The IRS took all of the money out of my bank…because I owe them back-taxes.”

Robert claimed the IRS even found the accounts his ex had opened without his knowledge. Bob showed Howard pictures of some of the injuries he’d sustained during their break-up: “She hit me…with a door. Ok, so she’s slamming a door on me…I defy you to show me pictures of her [injuries].”

Bob said the confrontation happened after he discovered she was sexting his neighbor: “They’re texting each other 55-60 times a day.”

Bob told the crew he first had suspicions about his ex-wife’s relationship with the neighbor when he came downstairs in the middle of the night and discovered them on the living room couch: “He told me ‘Hey we were just talking about you’…I’m like, yeah. Talking about me like what? ‘Hey, here comes your husband’?”

When he told his wife about the text messages, she said it was nothing, but when he said he was going to get transcripts from the phone company, she confessed: “There’s going to be some flirtatious overtones.”

Bob said knew it was over when she’d leave to get milk at 9pm and return at midnight…with the neighbor’s car pulling into his drive way close behind her: “She said they had a line at the supermarket.”