Sam Zien Is a Hero

February 1, 2010

Howard played a clip of Sam ‘The Cooking Guy’ Zien telling Kathie Lee Gifford to stop talking over him during a cooking segment on ‘The Today Show’ – and Kathie Lee’s don’t-talk-to-us-like-that retort: “She’s got to gobble up the world, that hungry…Oh she’s so hungry. Her hunger irritates me. Her hunger irritates me!”

Howard thought Sam should’ve gone further: “He should’ve stuffed that food right in her mouth…he should’ve stuck his f’ing fork in her tongue.”

Howard was particularly incensed with Kathie Lee’s power play (“Can’t anyone stand up to Kathie Lee? She’s the devil! She’s the devil!”) and her incessant chatter: “Kathie Lee’s a child. An attention sucking child.”

Howard later joked: “It’s like having Scott Greenstein’s in the room with you.”