The Celebrity Prison Game

February 25, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard gave a caller the chance to play the Celebrity Prison Game, in which he names a celebrity and three criminal charges–and the caller has to guess which charge they went to prison for.

Three out of five takes a cash prize.

Martha Stewart: stock fraud, tax evasion or DUI. The caller guessed tax evasion–the right answer was stock fraud.

Lil Kim: assault, conspiracy to commit perjury or cocaine possession. The caller guessed cocaine possession, but the right answer was conspiracy to commit perjury.

Gary Glitter: committing obscene acts with a minor, DWI or domestic violence. The caller again guessed incorrectly–the right answer was committing obscene acts with a minor.

Howard let the caller have the cash anyway: “If you get three wrong, you win on this show.”