Howard Simulcasts on ‘the Early Show’

March 2, 2010

Howard honored an interview request from CBS ‘The Early Show,’ as they wanted to talk to him about the late night TV shake-up.

When the program’s co-anchor, Harry Smith, finally opened up the feed, Howard went off: “Just the mere mention of Jay Leno’s name makes me want to vomit.”

Howard also shrugged off rumors he’d return to terrestrial radio: “I don’t miss free radio at all.” Harry asked if Howard planned to replace Simon Cowell on ‘American Idol,’ so Howard repeated that he would–if they paid him $100 million: “For four months work judging a karaoke contest, Harry? Even you would take that.”

Harry ended the interview (as planned) just four and a half minutes after it started, but Howard was unsatisfied: “They should’ve let me go longer. Letterman must be [happy] after what I said.”

The Simulcast’s Aftermath

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gary said the CBS producer on-site had left in a hurry after the interview: “I think he got some weird calls from his bosses. He looked kinda shell-shocked when he left.”

Jeff the Drunk phoned in a review: “You did good. You didn’t swear. I’m so proud of you.”

Howard was appreciative: “One thing Jeff the Drunk does is watch TV all day. So if anybody knows if something’s entertaining, it’s Jeff…is anyone ever proud of you?”

Jeff said yes, so Robin laughed: “Who? When?” Jeff replied that his mother was always proud of him.

Howard also took a congratulatory phone call from his sister, Ellen, and Ralph came in to fawn: “You looked very handsome and you were very funny.”

Howard said he hoped Letterman liked the appearance: “I do feel an allegiance to him.”

Fred later reported that he’d gotten an alarming e-mail (“They cut off a significant part–the last part–of the interview.”).

However, JD checked the tape and reported that they cut away at the last moment, missing the Reba McIntyre joke Howard had made.