Robin’s Trip to Guatemala

March 22, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard mockingly thanked Robin’s Twitter feed for keeping him updated on every moment of Robin’s ‘fact-finding mission’ to Guatemala: “What a waste of a week’s vacation.”

Robin accused Howard of cynicism: “You call everything a waste.”

Howard then read a few of his favorite Robin-Tweets: “We saw your Twitter. You don’t need to tell us [about the trip]. I could tell you when you took a shit.”

1. “It’s nice that a dollar still means something in some part of the world.”

2. “I need a nap from a heavy lunch. Beans, beans, beans.”

3. “I’m at a coffee farm. This is where they grow coffee.”

4. “I’m with the Guatemalan children. We’re playing Duck-Duck-Goose.”