Everyone Meet ‘Charity Fundraiser Robin’

Howard discussed his co-host's newest charitable endeavor

March 24, 2010

Meet ‘Charity Fundraiser Robin’

When mention of Robin’s new charitable organization came up early this morning, Howard registered a complaint: “I don’t like this new charity fundraiser Robin.”

Robin insisted she’d always been ‘charity fundraiser Robin,’ but Howard thought she’d gone further than usual: “This one seems more desperate or something. I don’t know…there’s a lot of 15 Foundation.”

Howard later qualified his statements: “I’m proud of you. You know that. I hope.” Howard went on to play another part of the video blog she made during her trip to Guatemala, this one of some kind of a funeral procession that included a marching band playing weird music that Howard thought should be used as Robin’s new theme music.

Robin’s Has a ‘Little Sister,’ Grandchildren

Howard noted that Robin used to be a ‘big sister’ to a girl named Leah who’s now grown and has three children–who all call Robin ‘Grandma.’

Robin explained that Leah ran away from home and the mother Robin referred to as ‘that woman’: “We sort of created a family group.”

Robin said she actually took Leah’s ‘big sister’ role over from Heidi, who had to move on due to pregnancy (“She has two mothers.”) and laughed that Howard had even met Heidi.

Howard didn’t remember the introduction and admitted he likely tuned out during Robin’s kooky ‘two mothers’ introduction: “I hear that and I kinda bail out mentally.”

Robin said she loved Leah, who had become a foster parent herself–to black children: “She had a very great desire to help children who could end up in her situation…it’s like ‘The Blind Side’ over there.”

Howard was overjoyed by the news: “I can’t believe the three black kids call you Grandma.”

Howard asked if Leah had a husband, so Robin explained that Leah actually had a ‘life-partner.’

Howard was impressed: “Wow. I gotta get video of this…this stuff’s priceless.”