If Hanzi Goes Missing…

March 29, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

When Hanzi called this morning, Gary told Howard that Hanzi had called him over the weekend because he was afraid he might be killed or abducted at a party he was going to: “So he gave me the names of the people…like ‘Here’s a list of who you should look into.'”

Howard laughed that no one would miss him: “First of all, if something happens to you, we’re not looking into anybody.”

Howard joked that Hanzi must be an abduction risk at all times: “We gotta disguise you in case your public comes after you.”

Robin thought a disguise might do Hanzi some good: “He looks strange.”

Hanzi didn’t think the staff looked much better: “With Jason and Richard Christy, you got a Calvin Klein ad.”

Howard agreed: “We’ve got some crew. I mean, looks are not our strength…you’re right. There are no Calvin Klein ads running around here.”