Glenn Miller, Racist Senate Candidate, Calls In

April 7, 2010

The Racist Senate Candidate

Glenn Miller, a write-in candidate running for a Missouri senate seat, called in to explain his racist and anti-Semitic campaign ads.

Glenn started with his complaints about Jewish people: “They’re all a bunch of whores for Israel. They’re all corrupted to the core. And they are traitors to America. They care more for the rights of Israelis than they do for the American people.”

He’s Also an Anti-Semite

Howard asked if Glenn disliked Jews or Blacks more, and Glenn was quick to reply: “Jews! A thousand times more. Compared to our Jewish problem, all other problems are mere distractions.”

Glenn went on to say Jews control the Federal government, mass media and the Federal Reserve bank, using their power to “commit genocide against the white race and enslave the gentiles.”

Howard didn’t get it: “I don’t feel really powerful quite honestly.”

Glenn continued: “White people are in bondage to you Jews.”

Howard laughed that he didn’t want the power: “I’m returning your power to you.”

Glenn hoped it meant Howard as leaving the country: “Does that mean you’re going to Madagascar? I think that’s an excellent idea. And I’m sure you’ll be happy over there. You can engage your–your interrace–your interracial tendencies.”

And an Anti-Zionist

Asked what inspired his Senate campaign, Glenn enthused: “We got a nappy-headed you-know-what in the White House, and a lot of people are waking up.”

Glenn said he planned to push for an anti-Zionist platform: “We oughta make friends with the Arabs. They’re the ones with the oil…[Jews] got no business in the Middle East. That’s Muslim country.”

He addressed Howard directly: “You’re a Jew and you support Israel and you know it.”

Glenn openly sympathized with the Palestinian perspective, so Howard asked Glenn how he felt about the US stealing land from the Indians. Glenn had a whole different theory about the colonization of North America: “They’re finding evidence now that white men were here 14 -15,000 years ago…I have no guilt about that whatsoever.”

‘It’s the Jews, Stupid!’

Glenn got in one last shot against Jewish people before he hung up: “They call us supremacists. What could be more supremacist than claiming to be God’s chosen people?”

Howard said he couldn’t do anything but listen to Glenn–there’s no reasoning with blind bigotry: “Dudes like that bum me out. They’re just so out there and they’re around.”