Martina Navratilova Talks Breast Cancer, Hollywood Hotties

Tennis star visits the studio shortly before undergoing a procedure to treat her breast cancer

April 8, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Martina Navratilova stopped by to say hi and Howard asked if she felt any current tennis players had a shot at surpassing her nine Grand Slam singles titles.

Martina thought for a second: “Roger [Federer]’s at 6. He could do it.”

Howard said he was sorry to hear about Martina’s breast cancer, and Martina replied that she wasn’t letting it ruin her life: “I came here to talk about breasts, yes.”

Martina explained that her cancer–while still cancer–was not the most serious kind: “It’s a very treatable condition. It’s uh–it’s non-invasive breast cancer…pinhead-sized.”

Martina said the diagnosis didn’t phase her: “I said ‘Ok, I don’t wanna lose my boob and I don’t want to lose my hair because I don’t have too much of either.'”

Martina added that she didn’t need chemotherapy–just radiation treatments–and planned to continue working as a tennis commentator during both her treatment and recovery.

Martina’s Favorite Women in Hollywood

Howard asked after Martina’s beauty queen girlfriend, but Martina didn’t want to talk about their relationship this morning: “It’s a work in progress.”

Asked to name the sexiest women in Hollywood, Martina cited Monica Bellucci and Kate Winslet.

Before she left, David asked if she wanted to live out any last wishes before undergoing treatment for her breast cancer: “Any chance for a Sybian ride?”

Martina laughed: “I think I’ll pass on that.”