JD Trades in Ryan Phillippe for a Mystery Woman

April 19, 2010
JD Harmeyer and Ryan Phillippe JD Harmeyer and Ryan Phillippe Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Ryan Phillippe, Who?

Lisa reported that Ryan Phillippe hadn’t connected with JD over the weekend to meet up–as they’d planned–at the ‘Saturday Night Live’ afterparty.

JD came in to say he wasn’t upset, as their plans weren’t firm and the episode wasn’t so great: “The beginning wasn’t so good, but the last half hour was alright.”

Howard thought he knew why JD wasn’t upset, asking why JD wore a button-up shirt to work on Friday–JD replied that Howard was on the right track: “I went out [on a date] Friday night, yes.”

Howard asked Lisa if her racial intuition was telling her anything about JD’s date, and Lisa nodded: “Yes, I do have a feeling. White.”

JD noted that Lisa was correct, adding that he’d kissed the lucky lady at the end of the evening: “It was like a second or third date.”

Howard wondered what JD’s date did for a living, but JD claimed he didn’t know: “I don’t necessarily remember. We don’t really talk.”

JD Gets Some Office Action

JD said he’d been to his date’s workplace–where they’d even made out and felt each other up–but he couldn’t remember what she did for a living.

Howard thought JD’s story gave away a little bit: “If you got titty that means she has her own office.”

JD balked at speculating any further: “I don’t want to talk anymore…it’s some sort of business and she does accounting-type stuff.”