Robin Quivers and Rosie O’Donnell Have a Dinner Date

April 20, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard learned that Robin was planning to have dinner with Rosie O’Donnell later this week and asked if they’d be discussing Robin’s weight loss methods.

Robin confirmed his suspicions: “Rosie has wanted to talk to me about what I did, yes.”

Howard continued to speculate about the provenance of the dinner, but Robin refused to explain further: “I didn’t plan the dinner. Rosie called me.”

Howard told Robin she should tell Rosie about her “fill” capacity – that is, the amount of water she can hold during one of her colonics: “Imagine if that was a national sport!”

Robin refused to say how much she could hold or reveal what she usually discussed with her colon therapist: “We don’t even talk about the colonic. It’s like being at the bar.”

Howard joked Robin should bring an enema kit to dinner with Rosie just to be safe: “Bring a hose with you … just in case she gets inspired right there during dinner.”