The Little Lupe Game

April 20, 2010

Howard gave a caller named Maggie the chance to play the Little Lupe Game, explaining that Spanish porn star Lupe Fuentes had been asked a series of trivia questions–Maggie must predict whether or not Lupe answered correctly.

If Maggie gets 3 out of 5 right, she’ll take home a cash prize. Here are the questions, followed by Maggie’s prediction and Lupe’s answer:

How many days are in a year? No. “Three six five?”

Spell banana. No. “B-A-N-A-N-A.”

What century is this? No. “20th century! Two thousand ten?”

What is the official currency of Puerto Rico? Yes. “Uh pesos, I think.”

Howard offered Maggie a bonus question for the win: What do the stars represent on the US flag? No. “The states.”

Undaunted Howard offered Maggie a ‘double bonus’ question for the win: What does fornicate mean? Yes. “F’ing.”