Eric the Actor Is Officially a Wack Packer

"[You're] in the Wack Pack, according to me," Howard tells the longtime caller

April 26, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Confused and Wacky

Doug Goodstein came in to say he had tried to follow up on Eric the Actor’s request that HowardTV film his high school reunion but ran into three problems:

1. Eric says he may only know two people at the reunion.

2. Eric thinks it may not be a good idea for HowardTV to come.

3. Eric thinks he may not go to the reunion. Howard was confused: “Is that kid a weirdo or what?”

Robin Quivers laughed: “No, he’s a Wack Packer.”

Langford Vs. Eric: Round 652

Steve Langford followed Doug in to say he planned to go with HowardTV to report on the event for the Howard100 News, but Eric flipped out: “He went ape-shit on us…screaming if we show up we’re going to have an ‘f-ing problem.'”

Steve added that Eric’s roommate also threatened to break the news team’s kneecaps–until Steve discovered that the point was moot: a reunion hasn’t even been scheduled on the date in question.

It’s Official…

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard got Eric on the line and told him the debacle proved he was a Wack Packer: “Why would you call and ask me to cover it and then yell at us, ‘Don’t you dare cover it’? That’s wacky.”

Eric explained that he wouldn’t know anyone at the reunion: “I thought there would be a whole bunch of people going to this thing that I knew…there’s no f’ing point.”

Gary Dell’Abate thought Eric was half right: “I think the issue is everybody knew Eric but Eric had no friends.”

Gary then asked if this was even a real reunion, or just something a bunch of people who went to the same school planning a get together over Facebook, which Eric confirmed was the case.

Robin echoed Howard’s opinion about Eric’s Wackpacker-status: “You just got in with both feet.”

Eric claimed he could never be lumped in with Daniel Carver and Jeff the Drunk, but Howard thought differently. “Those guys are making more sense than you do,” he concluded. “[You’re] in the Wack Pack, according to me.”