Charity Honors Robin Ophelia Quivers

But don't expect Howard to play her speech - it was too normal to air

April 28, 2010

Gary told Howard he attended the charity dinner last night where Robin was honored and spoke with a few of the underprivileged children the charity helps become filmmakers–the first told him her film was about teenage pregnancy and the second said his film was about “a boy who’d been abused all his life.”

Howard laughed that they sounded like very uplifting films and decided not to air Robin’s speech, as it was “too normal.”

Robin said Benjy had behaved strangely at the dinner, telling her: “Thank you for getting me here.” Benjy took umbrage: “You’re not a very nice person. I’d rather be socially awkward than not nice to people. I said, ‘Robin, you know, thanks. You always get us out to these events.'”

Robin insisted Benjy’s sentiments were off-putting: “It was lovely, but you say creepy things. You scared the young girl who was sitting next to me.”