Howard Returns to Prayer

Howard reaches out to a higher power.

May 5, 2010

Late in the show, Howard shocked Robin by announcing his return to prayer: “There’s something I’m upset about and I can’t get any–I can’t figure out any logical, scientific way to solve it so I’m going to prayer. Yeah. I asked [Beth] to go with me because I don’t want to sit there like an asshole by myself. So I’m now resorting to prayer. I’m going to pray to God. Yeah. It happened the other night. It always happens when I’m sick. That’s when I’m at my weakest.”

Howard declined to be specific but continued: “There’s something I’m so upset about–that is wrecking my life–that I’m going to pray to God for him to fix it.”

While punctuated with one-liners (“I’m going to go to a Jewish temple and if that doesn’t work, I’m going to church.”),

Howard said his appeals to God would be sincere: “I’m not praying for myself, by the way. [I’m] praying for someone else…I need help…it is something horrible.”

And Even a Yarmulke

Howard said he’d fully committed to the idea: “I even decided–in this moment that I’m praying to God, I’m going to be wearing a Yarmulke. Yeah. Because I–I don’t want to be taken as a joke or as being disrespectful. A Yarmulke is a sign of respect–of humility in front of God.”

Howard concluded his announcement: “So I’m not going to say that I don’t believe in God anymore because that would be hypocritical.”