The Girl in Bed With Stamos Speaks

May 20, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Stamos Is in bed With Another Chick

Howard said he knew John really wasn’t into Nikki when he started talking about other girls in front of her: “When I talk to you about with chicks, I make sure Beth’s not around…why is the girl who was with you at the party not your girlfriend?”

John said it wasn’t her–it was him: “There’s no problem! We hang out. We date.” Despite being in bed with Leah, John kept singing Nikki’s praises: “She’s the greatest, nicest girl I’ve met and I hope, you know, to make it work.”

The Mystery Woman Speaks

Howard had John pass the phone over to Leah, the girl in his bed, and asked: “What’s his problem and why do you keep going back for more?”

Leah laughed: “I have no idea. He is making me work for it, isn’t he?”

Howard wondered if she thought she could ‘seal the deal’ with John, and Leah was confident: “Of course I can. Eventually.”

Asked if she’d marry John on the spot, Leah denied it: “He has to ask my father for permission…[but if he did that] yes, I think so. We’re both crazy.”