Vinnie Favale’s Grim Afterlife

May 20, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Vinnie Favale, CBS’ Vice President of Late Night Programming, East Coast, called in to ask people to come see a test performance of the music from ‘Hereafter,’ a musical he’s been working on for years.

After hearing the musical was about the afterlife, Howard laughed: “Does Dave [Letterman] think you’re nuts?”

Vinnie said he rarely spoke with Dave directly: “Probably…I speak to him every day through his producers, his assistants, you know.”

Vinnie confessed that he’d spent over $100,000 developing his musical and credited his wife, Debbie (as in “Debbie, oh Debbie”), for her support: “[She’s an] amazing woman. She really is.”

Howard thought Debbie might be amazing, but also has to be ready for Vinnie to finish the project: “She’ll be weeping into a napkin, Robin.”

The crew then listened to a couple of Vinnie’s songs–Robin’s evaluation: “That was very musical.”