Robin Plans Another Charity Dinner

May 25, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard told Robin he had heard that the staff was concerned by news that she was planning another charity dinner, as she tends to use them rope staffers into obligations: “Everyone’s wanting me to ask you: Would you just end it?”

Robin insisted she wasn’t forcing anyone to do anything: “If they don’t want to be involved they don’t have to be.”

Howard said he’d heard a different story. According to reports from several staffers, Robin told Sal and Richard just yesterday that they “will be” hosting a table at her next charity dinner.

JD came in to confirm the story: “I was actually worried she was going to come up to me next.”

Howard also complained that Robin had scheduled the dinner on a weeknight: “Why you keeping the staff up late on a work night? Why are you doing that?”