Howard’s Drunken Prayer

May 27, 2010

Howard said he had a drunken conversation with God last night: “I assure you, Robin, the prayers are not for me…because God doesn’t want to hear that bullshit. I don’t want to be like Jeff the Drunk calling and asking for money.”

Howard added that he might have to sober up for his next prayer: “The room was spinning. I don’t even know how long it lasted, my praying. I know it was very emotional.”

Howard said his prayer was very combative: “I said to God, ‘Isn’t it irrelevant whether I really believe? If you’re there then you could be listening and have mercy on me. Is your ego so fragile?’ I started yelling at him. I go, ‘Is your ego so fragile that you need me to believe in you to answer my prayer?'”

For someone who hasn’t prayed in a while, Howard got really into it: “I did say a few things out loud.”