Sal’s Fetish List May Include Urination and Simulated Incest

May 27, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard was surprised by the crazy genres listed on Sal’s favorite porn site, so Sal came in to explain some of them, starting with anal dilation: “The asshole pulsates after getting pounded so hard.”

Sal rattled off a series of other genres centering around medical tools, baseball bats, bananas, bicycles and braces–adding: “I don’t like humiliation. I like women submitting to be humiliated.”

Sal said one of the more bizarre genres was a series of videos in which fully-clothed women get urinated on. Sal laughed that the videos appeared to be mundane office scenes until “out of nowhere she’s getting peed on.”

Sal also told Howard about videos in which women were electrified (“Guys with cattle-prods and whatnot.”) and simulated incest: “They put ‘simulated’ in parentheses.”