Gary Turns the Camera on Scott

June 22, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Early in the show, Howard again faulted Gary for denying that he fell asleep at work, so Gary came in to repeat his claim: “I really did not think I fell asleep…I closed my eyes.”

Howard critiqued the footage, pointing out Gary’s gaping maw: “Your mouth is fully open when you sleep. And I’m going to be honest, whenever I see someone with their mouth full open when they sleep, I think it indicates a dullness…it seems dopey.”

Gary focused his anger on Scott DePace, as–according to Gary–Scott didn’t go far enough to vet the Sleeping Booey footage: “He didn’t really try that hard.”

Gary challenged Scott to have a camera trained on him all day as well: “If there were a camera on Scott, there would be weeks of material.”

Scott accepted the challenge–Gary promised to personally install the camera as soon as possible.