Sleeping Booey Day 5: Scott Offers Up Further Apologies

June 23, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard reiterated that Gary’s work ethic has not been tainted by the controversial Sleeping Booey footage: “He fell asleep [on the job] one time in 30 years.”

Scott DePace came in to agree: “I’ve never even seen him pick his nose…[but] I feel like he has done some stuff that we’ve missed.”

Howard was annoyed: “Why don’t we all just agree to hate each other and move on with the show?”

Scott confessed that he would’ve fought harder to withhold the footage if he and Gary were closer: “They asked, ‘If it were Will, would you have defended him more?’ And I said yes!”

Howard told Scott he was only digging himself deeper: “You’ve got to stop talking…you’re going into areas you don’t even need to go into.”

Howard said he had to apologize to Gary: “When the tape was brought to me, I did the wrong thing.”

Scott DePace Apologizes to Gary

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Scott decided he wanted to apologize to Gary as well: “Gary, I apologize to you for breaking my word. I also apologize to you for not defending you more when Doug brought the tape to Howard.”

Gary speculated that Scott would’ve defended him more if he wasn’t so competitive–a point Scott later confirmed: “It would take more guys to rape me than it would [to rape] you.”