Robert Duvall Talks Acting and Offscreen Hobbies

Actor joins the show to promote his film "Get Low"

July 19, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Robert Duvall stopped by to promote his new film “Get Low” and told Howard his co-star Bill Murray might be one of the world’s greatest thespians.

“He’s one of the few guys out of ‘Saturday Night Live’ that’s a legitimate actor,” Duvall said.

When discussing his own acting chops, Robert said his best work might be on the small screen with “Lonesome Dove.” “It’s like the Bible in Texas,” he explained.

Howard had a pile of reports about Robert and asked him to comment on some of them, including being distantly related to President Barack Obama. “That’s what they say. I’m related to this guy,” Robert responded.

Robert was less coy when talking about Joaquin Phoenix’s attempts to get him angry on the set of “We Own the Night.” He told Howard he was annoyed with the process of method acting: “Just tell me to be mad. I’ll be mad,” he said.

Robert later said he felt it was important for actors to stay busy offscreen. “Hobbies, hobbies, and more hobbies,” he said. “It keeps you off the dope.”

Later, Howard asked Robert what JD Harmeyer should do about his inability to orgasm. Robert thought Howard should counsel his protégé. “Only you can give him advice. He looks like your son,” he said.