Gary vs. DePace, Round 15

July 21, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gary reported that Scott DePace has been floating conspiracy theories about why he wasn’t invited to Howard’s ‘sleepover,’ so “I said to him, ‘Hey, Listen, I would never try to get you banned from Howard’s house.'”

Scott replied by speculating that Gary was still harboring anger over the ‘Sleeping Booey’ incident: “I still think you’re anger’s misplaced.”

Scott said the theories and comments were meant to “lighten the mood.”

Jason piled on, noting that Scott had once called him a ‘typical Jew,’ so Scott defended himself: “First of all, that was three years ago and that was a joke.”

Howard joked that he understood: “Scott was just lightening the mood. You know how anti-Semitic remarks always lighten the mood.”

Scott dug himself deeper: “My wife is Jewish and my kids are nine-sixteenths and I’m one-eighth so I can do that.”

Howard was stunned: “He’s actually figured out how much Jew is in there.”

Robin laughed: “He’s like a Nazi!”