Tim Sabean Encourages Swoop

July 22, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard slammed yesterday’s remote broadcast of the Wrap-Up Show, complaining that the live audience was echoing and annoying.

Howard placed a lot of blame on ‘Swoop,’ the Philadelphia Eagles mascot, who distracted Gary and disrupted the broadcast with random explosions of crowd noise.

Reports cited Tim Sabean as encouraging Swoop to return to the audience after Gary had kicked him out, so Tim came in to deny the story: “I didn’t push him back in…it’s distracting. The guys on stage were like, ‘What in the…'”

Gary said three different people told him Swoop’s return was Tim’s work. Tim acknowledged that he knew the guy in the Swoop costume “from back in Philadelphia” but again denied that he’d turned him loose.