Howard Previews Insights from the Staff I.Q. Test

Ralph Cirella bets $100 he'll beat Gary Dell'Abate

July 28, 2010
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On Wednesday, Howard looked at the spread of results from the staff I.Q. test. While the scores remained anonymous, he did glean a few insights.

The lowest score was a 61 and the highest was 122, indicating “very superior intelligence.”

Robin Quivers thought Jason Kaplan would be named as the high-scorer. “Jason walks around like he has superior intelligence,” she said.

Howard asked Jon Hein who he thought scored higher, Scott DePace or Gary Dell’Abate. Jon was stumped. “That’s really a pick ’em.”

Later, Ralph Cirella called in to complain. “If Richard beats me … You should have counselors there,” he warned before predicting that it was either he or Jason that scored a 122.

In fact, Ralph bet Gary $100 that he’d beat him—even spotting him 10 points.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gary Dell’Abate, Jon Hein, and Ralph Cirella