Stern Show Trivia: Lightning Round

July 28, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jason and Brian were stumped by a series of difficult questions, including:

1. How old was Kenneth Keith Kallenbach when he died? Correct answer: 39.

2. What was Henry Hill saying when Lisa G thought he’d said ‘I wanna come on your face’? Correct answer: ‘I wanna Caramel Macchiato!’

3. Name the wife of a rock legend who let Howard touch her boobs in 2006? Correct answer: Sharon Osbourne.

The final–and deciding–question: What time slot did Howard have at WNBC? Jason guessed it was 2 to 6pm ET.

Brian won the third Staff vs. Fans Trivia slot with the correct answer: 3 to 7pm ET.