Jimmy Kimmel Makes His Staff and Wack Pack I.Q. Test Predictions

Plus, Howard and the staffers bet on the scores

July 29, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Before the official staff and Wack Pack I.Q. test results were revealed, there were a few predictions about the outcomes to be discussed.

Celebrity superfan and late-night host Jimmy Kimmel even sent in his take on the likely top scorers. Coming in at the number one position, according to Jimmy, would be Stern Show staffer Jason Kaplan. Following Jason, he predicted, would be Gary Dell’Abate, Ralph Cirella, JD Harmeyer, Scott DePace, Richard Christy, Jeff the Drunk, Sal Governale, High Pitch Erik, and Wendy the the Slow Adult respectively.

The Stern Show staffers themselves also made a few wagers on the test scores, including:

  • Howard bet Robin that Jeff the Drunk would beat High Pitch Erik. Sal Governale, Gary Dell’Abate and Scott Salem jumped in on the action and Robin accepted all their bets.
  • Benjy Bronk bet JD Harmeyer that Jeff the Drunk would score higher than at least one staff member. Howard made the same bet with Robin.
  • In the biggest bet of the day, Howard wagered Gary that Sal would beat Richard. Benjy, meanwhile, bet Howard that Richard’s score would place him in the top four. Richard took the same action (against himself).
  • Howard bet Fred that Ralph would beat JD. He also bet Robin that Scott DePace would beat Gary.

Benjy then proceeded to make a couple of side bets with Howard, who closed the pool after a few more additions.