Howard’s (Very) Gay Musical

August 11, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Early in the show, George revealed that he was developing a musical about the plight of Asian Americans. Howard immediately broke into a mock Broadway musical song, asking George if he had received any oral favors last night.

George answered in song that he had not: “Sometimes Brad is unpredictable…”

Robin asked if George swallows when he returns the favor, to which George sang: “Not always!”

Howard took up the song to plead George’s case: “If I was gay, I would blow you every single day of the week! Every day would be Sunday!”

George answered: “I wish you were! That would be glorious!”

Robin capped the way-gay musical, singing: “He’d wear semen eyebrows!”

Howard turned the ‘semen eyebrows’ line into a chorus, concluding the experiment a short time later.

George and Brad’s Bedroom Influence

Howard said he and Beth went to Nobu for dinner last night and regretted not inviting George and Brad: “Beth was pressuring me to drink, like, ‘Have a glass of wine. Have a glass of wine.’ So I ordered it but I didn’t drink it. I don’t really want to drink during the week.”

In lieu of the couple’s company, Howard and Beth took a bedroom cue from George and Brad instead…